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Summers are indispensable without an air conditioner as it cools your room as well as you too (no pun intended). But there comes a time when your air conditioner does not work which can be due to anything like it needs replacement or needs to be repaired. But if it goes down during odd hours, then the best option for you is to try to troubleshoot your air conditioner yourself. The dysfunction of your system can also be caused by the simple reason, so do the repair yourself and save a big amount.

Save thousands of bucks by giving a try to several DIY air conditioning repair tips:

Check the breaker: When you operate the appliances working on a large amount of energy on the single breaker can cause any of the appliances to stop working. So, check the breaker as maybe it has gone tripped. This check is a quick solution to save bucks.

Filter replacement: Your air conditioner has stopped working because you may not have changed its filter for a long time, but now the time has come to change its filter. The old filter blocks the air to pass which results in the lack of cooling efficiency. Thus, the filter should be replaced after a regular period of time.

Melt ice: Examine your air conditioner and see whether there is any ice in it because the frozen ice may affect the efficiency of cooling. So, switch off your system and turn on the fan to melt the ice quickly or you can also just switch the system off and let the ice melt itself.

Clean it: AC maintenance in Dubai can be done by cleaning it after a span of time. Cleaning the fan blades and removing the debris accumulated inside the system can affect its functioning. But be extra careful while cleaning as the fans blades can bend and break.

Examine the ducts: The ducts can block the flow of the air, so examine the ducts to see if they are blocked.

Check the thermostat: Put the new batteries in the unit to operate and always make sure that you have set the thermostat below the room temperature.

Upkeep Home Maintenance in Dubai offers you all the services to repair your air conditioning which are reliable and the most requisite ones.

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