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An air conditioning system keeps the temperature of your room lower than the room temperature to enable you to deal with the summers. Your air conditioning system is a machine, but like humans, it also needs timely maintenance like to melt the ice and clean it. There is a system of annual maintenance of the air conditioning system is necessary for the long-lasting cooling effect and long life of your system.

The beginning of summers is the perfect time to get your system serviced. This is an ideal time because you don’t want your system to stop working suddenly. Timely maintenance can help you fix the problem and save you from the big loss that could happen later. It also ensures that your system works efficiently and reduces your electricity bills.

This check-up of your system can get hold of the problems that can eventually grow with time. If you don’t get your system serviced, then this can lead to a big loss later when the problem will start affecting your air conditioning system. The servicing ensures that your system is clean, has better air quality, good humidity level and of course, provides you comfort.

The serviceman will come to examine your air conditioning system and will probably perform the following functions:

•    The coils which have gone dirty will be replaced to provide the cooling efficiency to your system.

•    Blowers are adjusted to support better airflow.

•    Aluminum fins are checked because the bent fins can reduce the cooling efficiency of the system

This AC installation in Dubai helps you increase the life of your system. You can perform the simple maintenance steps for your system on your own, which include cleaning the fins of the fan, cleaning the dust filters, checking the thermostat, and examining the system on the whole. And the most important part is that you should keep a track of regular maintenance of the system.

Upkeep Home Maintenance provides you ideal AC service in Dubai for the better life of your system. We have a vast knowledge about the facilities with years of experience. Our technicians are eligible to deal with all the air conditioning system problems and aim at providing you the fault free system. You don’t have to worry about anything as we provide facilities for both commercial and residential areas at the best prices.

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